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Let me tell you about myself.

I have been performing bird taxidermy for over 20 years as a hobby but professionally for the last 5 years.  I grew up in the Newboro/Westport area and live in Athens, Ontario presently.   

My interest in taxidermy started when I was a child, spending a lot of time watching and hunting waterfowl.  I developed an interest in carving and soon found my interest in mounting birds was stronger.  I spent time with the world renowned bird taxidermist Jack Wilson in learning to carve and once Jack passed away I started to taxidermy my own birds.

I competed for the first time in the 2011 Canadian Taxidermy Competition in Orillia, and scored very well for my first showing.  During the competition I took several seminars with other bird taxidermists and have joined the Canadian Taxidermy Association. 

I only taxidermy birds and have done a diverse amount of breeds, such as; Owls, Ducks, Geese, Full Strut Turkeys, many species of Hawks, Sea Ducks (including the King Eider), a Peacock in full strut, many species of Pheasants, and a Peregrine Falcon in a scene which included a Bufflehead.

Your Bird can be mounted in any way imagined; a simple sleeping or standing pose, preening, taking flight or coming in landing and as mentioned in full strut.  I can create a wall mount, pedestal mount or a base and glass encased mount for clients.

Your imagination and wishes can be met most times.  Extensive discussion and details are taken to ensure the client gets what they would like.

I look forward to hearing from anyone with inquiries.

Thank You

Arnold Wright


A little update

Patty and I have competed this year, 2012, in both the Canadian Taxidermy Association and the Quebec Taxidermy Association competitions.  With my Harlequin and King Eider mounts I achieved first place finishes, awards for best habitat and best duck pieces and was chosen for the "Jack Wilson" award at the CTA show and "Best of Show" at the QTA.  As the recipient for the Best of Show, my piece and a Bio about me will be in the Breakthrough Magazine for 2012 that shows the winners of this award in North America.  Here is a picture of Patty with her very first bird, a Barred Owl, which she got 2nd Place marks with in both shows.


In between these competitions Patty and I spent 3 jam packed days in a course with Jerry Froelich in Minnesota.  The Best in World Waterfowl Champion from 2009 and 2011.  Jerry and I each mounted one of the King Eiders we hunted this January on St Paul Island. 

It was interesting to see how another taxidermist mounts birds, we shared lots of tricks of the trade and discovered how similarly we do some of the work like habitats, anatomy, and molding of bills.  Patty was the trip planner, note taker and videographer.

We look forward to seeing Jerry at next years World's Competition in Springfield, Illinois.




Until next time,



Hello to you all in 2013,

This year I have attended three competitions with my piece named "Breakfast with the King and Queen".  I created this piece to commemorate the trip Patty & I took to Alaska to hunt these amazing birds.

The CTA show in April, the World's Taxidermy Competition in Springfield, Illinois and the QTA Show in May.  

My children were with me for the CTA show where my Mom, Dad, Aunt and Uncle surprised me by showing up to attend the banquet.  

We made a family vacation out of the trip to Springfield, Illinois for the World's Competition.  Although I did not win any awards or ribbons at World's, I did very well for my first time attending.  I appeared to be only one point away from a third place ribbon.  It was an experience of a lifetime to see almost 500 mounts and to meet some talented and very friendly people from around the world.  I attended five seminars; four about birds and one about Artistic Composition.  Attached are pictures of me with Larry Blomquist, Frank Newmeyer, Shane Smith and Stefan Savides. A "priceless" event.



I spent a year putting this piece together and am really proud of how it turned out.

Here is the fifth member of our family, Our Chesapeake Retriever named Sedge.


We hope you enjoy viewing the new additions to the website.

Have a great year,



Welcome to 2014

This year has so far been the busiest I have ever had.

I started off by going to the Toronto Sportsman Show for the first time and it has not slowed down one bit since.

I have done 2 competitions and am starting my pieces for the World's in Springfield Missouri for 2015.  I worked diligently on my mounts for competition but was not as far reaching as the piece from last year.  I spent some quality time with Patty to help her on her technique and taxidermy training.  She did pretty well for her second time in competition with an aggressive open winged great horned owl mount.

Patty and I will be going to Maine in December for an eastcoast  seaduck hunt and I look forward to seeing what we bring back to mount for next year.

Enjoy the new pictures and let us know what you think.